About this Award.

Gov't Agency Innovation

This award recognised government agencies that have adjusted to technological changes and enable innovation to spur the country.

The purpose of NIA is to stimulate and encourage innovation in national priority areas.

Eligibility Criteria

The agency MUST have impactful programs and initiatives that address existing social issues in line with the SDGs OR programs and initiatives that support innovators.

The agency SHOULD have the ability to display a collaborative framework with the public and industrial experts.

The agency SHOULD have the ability to demonstrate uptake of innovation within the organization.

The agency MUST have at least developed OR are in the process of developing an evidence-based approach to governance.

The agency MUST have established an innovative process or implemented new approaches to carry out initiatives that better serves the needs of our country.

The agency SHOULD be involved in the creation of new policy and legal frameworks that encourage and stimulate innovations and experimentations in Government.

The agency SHOULD have a profile available online with appropriate information on their various activities and initiatives

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