About this Award.

Assistive Technology

This award aims to recognize and award innovations that are rehabilitative, assistive and adaptive for people living with disabilities or the elderly population. You can submit a suitable innovation for this award.

Submit Innovation Who's Eligible?
The purpose of NIA is to stimulate and encourage innovation in national priority areas.

If you have an innovation that is providing solutions in the Assistive Technology space you can go ahead and submit the innovation for consideration here,
but before that don't forget to go through the criteria below to ensure that the innovation qualifies.

The innovator OR founder of the innovation MUST BE a Kenyan citizen

The innovation MUST BE registered in Kenya

The innovation must have been in operation for AT LEAST one year

The innovation SHOULD NOT have received an award from NIA before

The innovation SHOULD have a clearly demonstrable product or service with an existing market

The innovation SHOULD have a profile available online with appropriate information

The innovation SHOULD have an active and permanent team of two or more members

It's Qualified, Let's Go